Everything Everything – Get to Heaven

You say you’re gonna change, but you don’t have any time.

2. 26. 16

It was Valentines Day, I opened the gift-wrap which formed the shape of a CD. And there it was—Get to Heaven by Everything Everything. My fiancé ordered the record from the UK, because it had not yet been released in the US. I was so happy because I had been anticipating this release for the last six months after I found out who Everything Everything was and heard some of their singles. I ran into the other room and through through it in the CD player and haven’t looked back since. Genres are confusing, especially because of bands like this. I guess I would consider Everything Everything progressive pop, but they are difficult to put into a specific box. Because they technically are a pop band, Everything Everything’s Get to Heaven is an album unlike any other pop album I have heard before, which is a paradox in the genre of pop which I believe is primarily defined by being repetitive and cliché. Vocalist Jonathan Higgs sings, raps, and also takes the liberty to make other weird noises from throughout the album. A great example of his vocal versatility is found in the song Blast Doors. He starts off rapping in the first verse which turns into a pre-chorus falsetto, followed by a self-layered harmonic chorus. He does whatever he wants.

Don’t get me wrong, this album can get weird. The lyrics at times are quite puzzling, where I have no idea whether he is just saying something that he thinks sounds cool or actually means something of substance. For instance, there is a coda at the end of No Reptiles, where Higgs sings, Oh baby, it’s alright. It’s alright to feel like a fat child in a pushchair. Old enough to run. Old enough to fire a gun. It almost makes me laugh sometimes when I listen, but these moments of humor or absurdity are often followed by clear snippets of deep meaning. Again in No Reptiles, directly after the lyrics I just listed, Higgs continues, Just give me this one night. Just one night to feel. Like I might be on the right path. The path that takes me home. Wise enough to know myself. There is a genuine sense of a yearning to discover his purpose, and a lyric I think most can identify with. At the end of the day, Get to Heaven might be a bit overwhelming and all over the place for some, but for others, including myself, the 11 tracks are just the right amount of chaos and harmony to satisfy a thirsty desire for creative pop which is not dull, cookie-cutter, or shallow.


Favorite Songs: Blast Doors, The Wheel (Is Turning Now), Distant Past
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Albums Cover: 8/10

Click Here to Give Everything Everything a Listen

What are your thoughts on the album? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? I’d love to hear what you are thinking. Was there another album released this Friday or just in general you want to recommend to myself and others to listen to? Feel free to post any thoughts or recommendations below!

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  1. Evan Smith says:

    I’ve listened to this album about a dozen times since its North America release. I seriously love it. Best part is I hadn’t heard of Everything Everything until you told me about them. Thanks for a great review of a great band!

    Liked by 1 person

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