Four More – January and February

January & February, 2016

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Run River North – Drinking From a Salt Point (2. 26. 16)
Monster’s Calling Home was a wonderful folksy debut from RRN, and even though DFASP is an alternative deviation in sound, RRN sounds like the same band and released some absolutely killer tracks like Run or Hide, Elam, 29, and David Robinson. Although I do feel this album is less consistent than their debut, I think it impressive how RRN is able to maintain their identity musically and, more importantly, their honesty and vulnerability lyrically.


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Anchor & Braille – Songs for the Late Night Drive Home (2. 5. 16)
Stephen Christian is not done with making music. A joy for many Anberlin (former band) fans, Christian is still active with A&B as well as some solo stuff projected to come out in the end of the year. The album title for this record is quite fitting, and I highly recommend listening to it in that specific form. I wish there was a bit more variation and standout songs on the record, but overall it is a very smooth listen for those late night drives.



Lucy Dacus – No Burden (2. 26. 15)
Lucy Dacus surprised me big time. There were a lot of other releases this past friday, but she did not fail to stand out as one of the brightest diamonds in the rough. Dacus is a talented musician and an honest lyricist. Her guitar tone is a bit rough around the edges at times, balancing well with her smooth and mature voice which ties this album together beautifully. Standout tracks: Map on a Wall, Dream State…, Troublemaker Doppelgänger, Direct Address.

a1603238052_10Porches – Pool (2. 5. 16)
Porches is not the kind of musician I normally listen to. To be quite honest, I did not like this album much first listen. At times, the over-saturated synths seem more jagged than smooth, more like drowning than swimming. But as I began to grow more familiar with the sound and began to appreciate Porches more and more with each listen. Car is a must listen to track for me, and, and, although I really enjoyed the record, I wish some more of the songs on Pool carried a bit more of this Car’s fast paced approach. Regardless, there’s something intriguing about this record—undiscovered depths underneath.


Did you like these? Maybe not? Were there any albums I did not review you enjoyed these past two months? Please comment below and let me know!


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