Cub Sport – This Is Our Vice

I fell in love with avoiding problems, and that was the problem.

3. 4. 16

It’s Spring Break, and I am at my friend’s house in Florida, still recovering from the 17 hour drive we had through the night yesterday. We have been having a lot of fun and enjoying the summer like weather of pre-spring here in the sunshine state. Ironically, the album I thought was the best release of the week has become the well timed soundtrack for my spring break. TheAustralian based Cub Sport sounds like summer with the synth-driven, indie pop feel of their debut, This Is Our Vice. After enjoying the first few songs on the record the first time I was listening to it, I was waiting for the band to fall off, as too many bands with great sound and potential seem to do. But thankfully Cub Sport has released a well-rounded debut which does not fall into that category.

Tim Nelson’s vocals are solid all the way through the record. He is soft the majority of the time, even in the upbeat moments, which allows the band to maintain its laid back sound. But more importantly without fault, he pulls the listener into the lyrics which are a standout for me on the record. Sure, the lyrics are not ground breaking and do have their cliche moments at times, but they are primarily thought provoking, self-reflective, and contain what seems to be moments and memories of genuine struggle and heartbreak throughout the warm and happy feel the band creates instrumentally throughout the album. For instance, in the song Only Friend, Nelson sings Looking at the world is not inspiring, it’s intimidating. And I’m standing here, yeah I’m standing here and I’m just waiting. Waiting til the time is right is what we’re saying. I don’t know how it will go. I don’t think I wanna know. You’re my only friend. The biggest flaw for me on this record is the lack of catchy hooks. There are some, including I’m On Fire, Only Friend, I Feel Bad Now, and Stay, but I think the record as a whole suffers from a lack of quality chorus’. Cub Sport has solid sound and has put together a pretty good record, especially for a debut, with This is Our Vice. Alright, it’s time to get back in the pool.

For Fans Of: The Creases, Big Scary, Last Dinosaurs
Favorite Songs: I’m On Fire, Only Friend, I Don’t Love My Baby, Stay
Top 10 Potential: No
Albums Cover: 9/10

Click Here to Give Cub Sport a Listen

What are your thoughts on the album? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? I’d love to hear what you are thinking. Was there another album released this Friday or just in general you want to recommend to myself and others to listen to? Feel free to post any thoughts or recommendations below!

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