Birthh – Born in the Woods

I thought love is enough, but truth is love is dead.

3. 18. 16

 Alice Bisi, musically known as Birthh, who labels herself as the “Queen of Failureland” which is the third track on her debut release Born in the Woods. In the majority of music on the radio, it feels like everyone is singing about how they have it all together. Very few are honest because they do not want to face the reality of who they truly are or what they are going through. So instead, they hide behind confidence when they are truly insecure. Bisi does not hide her insecurity on any level. If anything, she embraces it as her identity.

Bisi has a solid voice; however, she could not sound more similar to Elena Tonra of the band Daughter. Bisi also plays guitar, keys, and electronics on the record. This parallel to Daughter feels even deeper with the lyrical content. Bisi, just like Tonra, sings of heartbreak, despair, and emptiness seemingly all under the umbrella of specifically dating relationships.  In the song Senses, she sings Kill my senses now, I don’t mind. If you want death, darling, death you’ll find. Apathy is not only present, but asked for. It feels as though emotional abuse is not just expected, but inevitable and Bisi has embraced that fate and given up. I believe we are all broken, all empty, and hopeless to certain extents. That is what makes Bisi so relatable. If you are looking for any sense of victory or a happy ending, do not listen to this record. If you are feeling or have felt genuine heartbreak or feelings of inadequacy or helplessness in a relationship, then I am not sure you will be able to find a whole lot more relatable music than this record.

For Fans Of: Daughter, Cross Record, Marisa Hackman
Favorite Songs: Prelude for the Loveless, Chlorine, Wraith, (Bahnhof)
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Albums Cover: 7/10

Click Here to Give Birthh a Listen 

What are your thoughts on the album? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? I’d love to hear what you are thinking. Was there another album released this Friday you want to recommend to myself and others to listen to? Feel free to post any thoughts or recommendations below!

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