Parker Millsap – The Very Last Day

Go get ourselves lost; leave nothing to be found, but burned exhaust and rubber on the ground.

3. 25. 16

I heard of Parker Millsap a few years back but never truly gave his self-titled a good listen. But then I forgot about him. That was until I had some friends ask me if I ever heard of him because they stumbled across him at a free concert near their house. They told me they really enjoyed his live show and he was worth a listen. I knew at that point that I definitely needed to give Millsap a chance. Unfortunately, I am more of a forgetful person than I’d like to admit and never took the time to check him out thoroughly. So when I was strolling through the new albums released this Friday, I was reminded of Millsap by the fact that he released a new record called The Very Last Day. So I listened to it once. And then again, and again…

I wouldn’t classify The Very Last Day as a country album — more of country mixed with blues — but regardless, it is about as country as I get. From Oklahoma, Parker is a good story teller, which is evident in the majority of his lyrics. Most of the time, his lyrics seem to be either subtly referring to or quite obviously directed toward God or Christians with certain questions he has. I don’t know whether Millsap is speaking personally or putting himself in someone else’s shoes, but ending the song Heaven Sent, Millsap asks his dad, Papa you’re the one that taught me and with His blood He bought me. Daddy you’re the one that claimed that He loved me through the flame. Now why can’t you do the same? Now I’ve been born again, but first I was born in sin. Did you love me then? Here, Millsap asks his dad if he loves him in light of his sexual identity, as well as if he loved him before Millsap claimed to believe in God. Not only are Millsap’s lyrics honest, but he has the right kind of voice to portray them. His vocals are soulful, raspy, and powerful for such a young and small human being. Go check out his song You’ve Gotta Move, and you will see what I mean. Parker Millsap is both a great musician and songwriter. I wish I would have listened to him a while back when my friends told me to, which is why I am telling you—listen to Parker Millsap— and don’t be forgetful like me.

For Fans Of: Justin Townes Earle, Rayland Baxter, Old Crow Medicine Show
Favorite Songs: Morning Blues, Heaven Sent, You’ve Gotta Move, Tribulation Song
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 5.5/10

Click Here to Give Parker Millsap a Listen

What are your thoughts on the album? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? I’d love to hear what you are thinking. Was there another album released this Friday you want to recommend to myself and others to listen to? Feel free to post any thoughts or recommendations below!

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