Four More – March and April

March & April, 2016


4. 29. 16

The Boxer Rebellion – Ocean by Ocean
Releasing their fifth full-length, The Boxer Rebellion released what I would call as safe but solid album. There are not many risks taken by the band which I find makes the record a little bit forgettable until the record is listened to a substantial amount. The record is not what would be labeled as a pop record, but is easily accessible to those who are looking for something of a bit more substance lyrically and instrumentally. The more memorable songs include Big Ideas and Redemption while Firework is the biggest standout track on the record for me.


3. 11. 16

Into It. Over It. – Standards
Evan Weiss has been one of the great faces of the past few “revivals” of emo music. It may be more appropriate to label Into It. Over It.’s third full-length, Standards as modern rock. Genres are confusing. I know and am confused as well. But anyways, I haven’t listened to this record a ton, as in I have only listened to it once, but it was a great listen and I am excited for many more as this band doesn’t look like they are slowing time any time soon regardless of what genre they will be considered to play under.


3. 11. 16

Normandie – Inguz
No doubt this is band is a guilty pleasure of mine. Normandie produces soft heavy music…if that makes any sense. They have some facets of metal, but mostly rock combined with pop. I really enjoyed this record (which may contain explicit content) although I know substance-wise it is not quite up to par with what I usually am drawn to. The point is that it is fun and reminds me of back in the day when I used to love music similar to this.


4. 8. 16

HIGHS – Dazzle Camouflage
Not dumb pop. That is what I would call this record. Also listen to the song Careful. It is dope.

Did you like these? Maybe not? Were there any albums I did not review you enjoyed these past two months? Please comment below and let me know!

Album Covers

The Boxer Rebellion:

Into It. Over It.:




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