Saosin – Along the Shadow (Deluxe Edition)

There’s a tension in the way, and it won’t be underlined.
You can swim into the graves easily as I.

5. 20. 16

Growing up, Saosin was one of my favorite bands. The first song I heard by them was Seven Years when Anthony Green was the front man. It was a combination of both rock and what felt like metal at the time. But it was not this debut EP which captivated me. It was their self-titled debut LP released in 2006 after Green left and Cove Reber took over. This is one of my favorite 50 records of all time and is one of the top classic and more forming albums for me. Then in 2009, Saosin released In Search of Solid Ground which I didn’t fall in love with at first, but eventually grew to really enjoy. When I found out that Reber left the band in 2010, I was disappointed for what seemed to be the beginning of the inevitable end of Saosin. Even if Saosin stayed together, I wondered who could fill the roll Reber owned and maintain or escalate his level. The answer is the guy who was there before Reber ever came—Anthony Green.

Yes, if you did the math, Along the Shadow (produced by the best in the game, Will Yip) is the first release by Saosin in the last seven years (ironically enough with Green’s return). My fear was that Green would turn Saosin into Circa Survive (his current band he is also the front man for), but Saosin has still been able to maintain their unique identity instrumentally despite Green taking over vocals. I love the nostalgia I feel from Saosin’s prior work, and it is such a great feeling knowing their sound can live on in this new form. Although the first couple singles didn’t impress me first listen, I am surprised how much I have grown to like this album. Anthony’s voice is definitely not as easy on the ears as Reber’s was. Reber was smooth, but Green is far more dynamic. Green ranges between highs and lows, between beautiful harmonies and harsh screams. To be honest, I don’t know if I can give a truly unbiased review on this record right now simply because of my nostalgia and desire to love this record. It’s going to take at least a few weeks for me to be able to process this record. In the mean time, I recommend you to listen to this record (especially the deluxe if you can) and if you like it, or even if you don’t, go back in listen to their previous two records as well.

For Fans Of: Old Saosin, Circa Survive, Secret  & Whisper
Favorite Songs: The Silver String, Sore Distress, Illusion & Control, Control and the Urge to Pray, Drinking from the Fountain, Along the Shadow of Man
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 8/10

Saosin – Along the Shadow (Full Album [non-Deluxe] Stream)

Other Notable Releases
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Andy Shauf – The Party
Mutual Benefit – Skip a Sinking Stone

Did an album come out this past Friday you liked? Have you ever listened to Saosin before? What are bands that are nostalgic for you?

Album Cover:


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