The Hotelier – Goodness

When this began, this was a thing  that we could both share.
A bit of shade, the goodness fades, and we begin there.

5. 27. 16

This was another tough week figuring out what album to review. It was between this—Goodness (which may contain explicit content) by The Hotelier—and To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere by the newly reunited rock band Thrice. I was wavering back and forth. I liked both about equally, but I had to ask myself which had more potential for me to grow to like. Thrice is solid, no doubt. But with this record, they brought nothing new to my listening exposure. I have heard rock bands/albums/songs that sound quite similar to a lot of the stuff on Thrice’s most recent release. And although it’s solid, it’s not groundbreaking. The Hotelier brings me something new. Maybe for you they wont’ and Thrice will, but I have been fighting the tendency to oversaturate myself in a genre I like and am familiar to by diving into records/bands/genres that are unfamiliar and unknown. Hence, Goodness.

I knew of The Hotelier after the release of their sophomore LP, Like Home, There Is No Place. At the time it came out, it was definitely a bit too dark, unpolished, and emo for my liking. Since then, I have begun to listen to more emo releases which tend to be more of a mixture of alternative rock and pop punk such as Modern Baseball’s Holy Ghost (which came out two weeks ago—phenomenal record). So although I was prepared to review Thrice’s new record, I thought I’d give Goodness a listen anyways. To my surprise, the record is a dichotomy of their past releases. Rather than dwell in the darkness, Goodness stretches towards the light in both a metaphorical and physical sense. With language and themes reminiscent of transcendentalism, I wonder how much of the Massachusetts band’s ideology was formed from fellow Massachusetts native, Henry David Thoreau. Regardless of where the influence was derived from, the change in lyrics for The Hotelier is also reflected in their change of sound. Songs like Goodness Pt. 2Two Deliverances, and You in This Light are just a few of the many songs which embrace this stylistic change whole-heartedly displaying a fast(er)-paced tempo with smooth and enlightened guitar tones.

Overall, I appreciated the honesty and transparency The Hotelier displayed on this record while still offering what they believe to be hope and light. There are many questions they ask, seeking deep substance and fulfillment. In the final song, End of Reel, Zach Shaw sings, In the night will you rest your head into my hands. Will you disrupt this pattern from starting again? If I ask you for Nothing will Nothing there stand? I don’t know what I want what I wants where I’ve been. There is a sense of happiness they have found along the way of their journey. Finding it again, and possibly in its full form, is the bright hope of Goodness for The Hotelier.


For Fans Of: The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Modern Baseball, Foxing, Into It. Over It.
Favorite Songs: Goodness Pt. 2, Piano Player, Two Deliverances, Settle the Scar, Soft Animal, End of Reel
Top 10 Potential: Yes

The Hotelier – Two Deliverances

Other Notable Releases
Thrice – To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere
Big Thief – Masterpiece
Pup – The Dream Is Over

Did an album come out this past Friday you liked? Have you ever listened to The Hotelier before? What genre do you find you gravitate towards naturally? What genre is growing on you?

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