Caveman – Otero War

You don’t want me. I’ll be on my own.

6. 17. 16

This was one of the hardest weeks for me to write a review. The last six reviews were all easy decisions. This week, however, was the first week in a while I have been truly lacking a standout album. Part of me wanted to not write a review; however, when I looked back, I realized that being consistent with posting weekly is what I signed up for and I am going to stick with it. So although this won’t be a ground-breaking record, most likely one I will not listen to ever again after posting this, it is the best I got.

Caveman just released their third LP, Otero War. I heard it is supposed to be a concept album, although that is quite hard to capture after listening to it. More importantly, each song does a good job telling its own individual story. The band as a whole fits most comfortably in the category of rock. Songs like The State of Mind break that mold in a beautiful string arrangement and is one of the major highlights on the record. Over the Hills is a catchy song while still being simple. The record is nothing special. Nothing new. However, for big fans of rock, it may be a refreshing album from a talented band.

Favorite Songs: Never Going Back, On My Own, The State of Mind, Believe, Over the Hills
Top 10 Potential: No
Album Cover: 6/10

Did an album come out this past Friday you liked? What have you been listening to? I’d love to hear from you.

Album Artwork:


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