Kings Kaleidoscope – Beyond Control

Will I waste inside the silence?

6. 24. 16

Kings Kaleidoscope debut full-length Becoming Who We Are was a ground breaking record in worship music, no doubt about it. It broke the mold of the cliche worship music sound from the layers and levels of instrumentation to the basic crescendo song structures and lack of instrumentals. The lyrics on the record were raw, honest, and creative. It was a record the indie worship scene was waiting for. My only legitimate complaint with the record was its length which reached almost an hour. For playlists and those looking for creative variations of worship songs as well as originals, the length is wonderful. For me, as someone who loves to listen to albums straight through as one piece of work, the hour length became slightly burdensome along with the lack of variation with overall sound (but hey, if you have a great sound, why change it). So here we are June 24th, 2016 and Kings Kaleidoscope has just released their second full-length LP Beyond Control. Their is great anticipation in the air and rightfully so. Kings Kaleidoscope may have very well just topped their debut.

Now there are a few major and noticeable differences between Beyond Control and Becoming Who We Are. The first is the style of songs. Beyond Control, unlike Becoming Who We Are consists of no worship song covers. All of the songs written are originals. What is even more interesting than that is none of these songs (possibly excluding Lost?) sound like they would fit a Sunday morning worship set. It seems far from coincidental that none of the songs easily fit into that sound. And even despite this fact, the album seems nonetheless worshipful. The lyrics range from grateful to doubtful, from confident to fearful. But in the highs and lows, the record remains honest which I find lacking in all genres including worship. Focusing on the music, the record is explosive, thorough, and compelling. So many different instruments are utilized. So many emotions are conveyed. And Garner’s vocals tie everything together.

Beyond Control takes more risks than its predecessor in almost every area of the band: instrumentally, stylistically, vocally, and especially lyrically. The biggest may be the track A Prayer. When I saw the record for pre-order, I saw the explicit content sign next the artwork on Apple Music. I laughed and almost sent band a message to tell them there is a mistake on Apple Music. But there was no mistake. A Prayer uses the F word in the lyrics. I know people always have their opinion on what is and what isn’t appropriate. This is true especially in music, I cannot imagine the backlash the band will get from some considering they are labeled as worship musicians. I think its ok to not like it. I also think its ok to love it. One thing that should be Here are the full lyrics for the song for those who are curious:

Will I fall or will I misstep?
Will I call you with my last breathe?
Will you be there for me after?

Will I waste inside the silence?
Where the fear is fucking violent
Wicked sinner thrown to Lions
With no hope on the horizon

If I fall or if I misstep?
If I call you with my last breathe?
Will you be there for me after?

Cause I’m wasting in this silence
And my fear is fucking violent
I’m a child thrown to lions
Is there hope on the horizon?

Jesus, where are you?
Am I still beside you?

I’m right beside you
I feel what you feel
And I’m here to hold you
When death is too real

You know I died too
I was terrified
I gave myself for you
I was crucified
Because I love you
I love you, child

This is one of the best records released this year. Beyond Control is a must listen. And most importantly King Kaleidoscope raises the bar yet again for what “worship” music can become.


For Fans Of: Citizens & Saints, Dustin Kensrue, Ascend the Hill
Favorite Songs: It’s too hard to pick just a few.
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 9/10

Kings Kaleidoscope – Dust / Ride On Reprise

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Did an album come out this past Friday you liked? Have you ever listened to Kings Kaleidoscope before? Do you consider them worship music? What do you like/dislike about them?

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tedd Holbrook says:

    This album grew on me during a ride to Harpers Ferry. It didn’t stand out when I first listened but now I think I have some memories with it so we’re on good terms haha.


    1. nategrimley says:

      I’m glad! The more I look back on it, I care much less about the album itself compared to the risks it took.


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