Four More – May and June

May & June, 2016


David Bazan – Blanco / 5. 13. 16
Sometimes you keep giving artists a chance because people whose music opinions you highly respect dig them. This record is slow, but thought provoking with its patience. Bazan is a masterful song-writer and his skills are showcased in a unique and captivating way on Blanco.


Overhead, The Albatross – Learning To Growl / 5. 20. 16
Definitely one of the biggest surprise albums of the year here. Never heard of the band before. Debut record. Primarily instrumental. Absolutely beautiful. Bara may be the most emotionally stirring track released this year up to this point.


Thrice – To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere 5. 27. 16
Some bands who break up or go on hiatus come back soft or completely different in style. Thrice came back with the same heavy hitting rock vibe while adding passion and maturity to their ninth record. Everything sounds clean and well placed, although I do think this is slightly a result from a lack of risk-taking.


 RY X – Dawn / 5. 6. 16
A more quiet and dark City and Colour, RY X is at his best on the acoustic as songs like Salt, Only, Beacon, and Sweat anchor the album with passion and simplicity.

These are some of the albums I never had the chance to review but really enjoyed from the past couple months. Were there any releases from May and June you enjoyed?

Album Cover 1:
Album Cover 2:
Album Cover 3:
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