Silent Planet – Everything Was Sound

Singing songs of life when all we know is death.
A world of orphans left empty-handed.
If love’s a sin I’ll become a heretic.

7. 1. 16

It felt like metalcore died when Underoath broke up in 2013. And it appeared there was no chance for it to be revived; however, Silent Planet created a pulse with their melodic debut The Night God Slept only a year later as they brought not only personal transparency but awareness to metalcore listeners who were suffering from the withdrawal Underoath’s breakup eventually created. The first and last tracks were prayers of inadequacy but also a cry for transformation. Excluding two beautiful instrumentals, the rest of The Night God Slept told passionate stories of injustice as Silent Planet served as a voice for the voiceless of those who have been affected by travesty. Silent Planet’s second record Everything Was Sound is similar as they remain advocators for those who are suffering and overlooked.

This time around, the focus and concept is more structured as it focuses on mental illnesses. The opener Inherit the World is about the fear of being paralyzed by the vicious cycle of violence (whether mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical). The closing track Inhabit the Wound serves as the call to respond with love in the aftermath of violence despite one’s inadequacies, in the hope of healing, by inhabiting the wound. Another trademark for Silent Planet from The Night God Slept was guest vocals. I know it sounds weird to say it’s a trademark, but they had five tracks with guest vocals (more than half their songs if you discount the two instrumental tracks) on their debut record. Although there is less quantity, the band was able to gain just about as much quality as one possibly can by adding frontmen Spencer Chamberlain of Underoath on Psychescape and Cory Brandan Putman of Norma Jean on Nervosa.

My biggest hope entering the album was that it would be beautifully melodic like the band’s debut. After the first few singles, it was quite clear to me I was not going to get my wish. But obviously, I stand corrected in what I should have desired because the lyric content translates so well to the heavier sound. Garrett’s low screams have improved and his delivery continues to become more dynamic — heard clearly in songs like Panic RoomREDIVIDEЯ, and Orphan. And do not forget Thomas. His cleans have improved as well, which are best heard in the verses of Understanding Love as Loss, the chorus of Orphan, and the majority of Inhabit the Wound. And although the record lacks the melodic influences of its forerunner, Everything Was Sound still contains similar elements with enhanced impact in songs like Dying in CirclesUnderstanding Love as Loss, and First Father. What may be most impressive is that this is only a four member band. I have never heard a band in this genre, or any sub-genre, be so dominant with only one guitarist. Props to Spencer, Thomas, and Mitchel for creating such a full sound despite being, what many bands and listeners would consider, one man down.

What was a pulse has now become a steady heartbeat with the continued growth of Silent Planet and I cannot think of a better way to finish the review for what is the best album of the year so far than posting the lyrics, as a challenge to myself and you all, for the closing track Inhabit the Wound:

My son, my son borne from the war. We trade shovels for swords. My son, my son, inherit the earth, inhabit the wound.

Oh how far we fall…we fall.

My love, my love captive to lusts: consumed. My love, my love buried beneath the vile machine.

The earth with a final gasp shook free from our inventions. Grace and nature reconciled I heard, “It is finished.” The final seal was broken, the concussion blew me back—I teetered on the edge of re-creation and the wrath. Nine Lovers stumbled out from their shells of brokenness, they reached inside their wounds to find the seeds borne from their suffering. Coalesce upon me to plant the tree of life inside the heart of the machine. Reach inside—heal the wound—make us whole.


For Fans Of: Underoath, Oh Sleeper, Phinehas
Favorite Songs: Yes. All of them.
Top 10 Potential: No Doubt.
Album Cover: 10/10

Silent Planet – Everything Was Sound / Full Youtube Stream

Album Cover:


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