Switchfoot – Where the Light Shines Through

Holding you and the wheel and it occurs to me,
we’re driving down the edge of eternity.
And if the house burns down tonight,
I got everything I need when I got you by my side.

7. 8. 16

Bands come and go like friends. You meet and enjoy the time you have, but somewhere along the way they’re no longer there. However, few bands, like friends, start in the beginning and never leave your side. Switchfoot for me is that friend. The Beautiful Letdown was the first album I ever owned and we’ve been close ever since. Now as they release their 10th full-length, Switchfoot remains consistent and true when so many other bands have come and gone. Their consistancy from record to record in quality is unmatched. And although their most recent work in Where the Light Shines Through is not their best work, it is begins another chapter of my life where Switchfoot is the soundtrack.

In my opinion, Switchfoot has sonically paired the last six records: Nothing Is Sound paired with Oh Gravity!Hello Hurricane with Vice Versus, and Fading West with Where the Light Shines Through. Each one of these records is unique, but also shares a handful of distinct similarities with the record it is paired with. For me, this made me expectations of what this new record would sound like based on Fading West. Although Fading West was a bit more poppy, I would say light is the best adjective to describe its sound in comparison to its predecessors. The same is true with this newest release.

The reason for the light feeling instrumentally is the hope found in this record lyrically. Every song, besides Looking For America, is highlighted by love and hope. The best of which include I Won’t Let You GoIf the House Burns Down Tonight, and The Day That I Found God. The only critique I have for the record is the disjointed feel from stylistically. Songs 3-8 are all extremely cohesive. Then the rest of the songs, all great songs in my opinion, do not fit in quite as well with the the core of the album when it comes to the sound. The cohesiveness of Fading West was my favorite aspect of that record. Unfortunately, this for me was the one and major problem I had with the record.

I know this review is not written as well as it could be. It’s late on my birthday and I had no time to write it and I’ll be gone for a week so I had to rush to get it done. If there was one thing I want to say about this record as a takeaway it’s that no band lasts forever. Enjoy the time you have with them before they stop releasing music. I have enjoyed the last 13 years I have been listening to Switchfoot and am savoring every record they release. I hope you have bands or artists like them in your life as well.

Album Cover: 8/10

Album Artwork: http://www.jesusfreakhideout.com/cdreviews/covers/wherethelightshinesthrough.jpg


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