Young the Giant – Home of the Strange

There’s darkness through the doorway,
silence in the streets.
There’s something in the stillness,
a distant memory. 

8. 12. 16

I first listened to Young the Giant in anticipation of their sophomore LP Mind Over Matter back in 2014. They are one of those bands that attract at first glance. Smooth sound, nothing annoying to detract from their vibe. Solid vocalist, with unique enough of a voice to keep one interested while still quite radio-friendly. The problem with the band and their release is that they lacked heart. It was like they were trying to be extremely indie and deep when they lacked the intimacy, rawness, and honesty it takes to pull of a record like that.

Yet, here I find myself intrigued with their third full-length, Home of the Strange. I don’t think it is because the band got better. It is because Young the Giant is naturally talented but lack the creativity to become something great. I think the reason I am slightly drawn to this record is because they stopped trying to be someone they are not. This record is an exciting alternative rock record. It does not try to be extremely deep. It does not disguise itself as “life-changingly” convicting. It is simple, flashy, and fun.

For Fans Of: Walk the Moon, American Authors
Favorite Songs: Something to Believe In, Mr. Know It All, Repeat, Silvertongue
Top 10 Potential: Nah.
Album Cover: 8/10

Young the Giant – Something to Believe In

Album Artwork:


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