Benjamin Francis Leftwich – After the Rain

I will follow in your footsteps when I walk away the sadness in the snow.

8. 19. 16

The release date of After the Rain, August 19th, is my dad’s birthday. The reason I point that out is because one of the reasons for Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s five year gap between albums was the loss of his father. It reminds me that our celebrations so often coincide with the mournings of others. And vice versa. Although death  is not the overall focus permeating through the record (compared to Sufjan  Steven’s Carrie & Lowell or perhaps Pianos Become the Teeth’s Keep You), knowing this fraction of his story helps shape the way the entire album is listened to just like it influenced every aspect of Leftwich’s life as he searches for understanding After the Rain.

The production is ultra clean proving as a deviation from Leftwich’s debut. This is not to try and compare whether clean production is better than raw recordings. Both have their time and place. What should be noted is the production on After the Rain is a byproduct of the improved conciseness of Leftwich’s song writing. Everything is much tighter, more polished, and hence carries a higher clarity than its predecessor. Not simply the clarity of sound, but the meaning of the songs and intentions Leftwich had while writing these songs.

The irony is the lack of clarity which comes in the midst of death. The void empty of answers and any sense of understanding; however, After the Rain is an assembly of Leftwich’s experiences and reflections which have brought at least one sense of clarity—that he is ready again to make music, play shows, and comfort what parts of our hearts he can with his therapeutic voice, relatable lyrics, and mere presence.

For Fans Of: Bon Iver, Novo Amor, Axel Flovent
Favorite Songs: Some Other Arms, Kicking Roses, Cocaine Doll, Groves, Mayflies
Top 10 Potential: Yes.
Album Cover: 8/10

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Mayflies

Album Artwork:


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  1. Tedd Holbrook says:

    I really enjoyed this post. Your first observation about coinciding mournings and celebrations was one I have never thought about. Your point about how knowing some of the background story shapes how we listen to an album was something I have thought about. However, I like being reminded of that because it is an aspect of music that I love.


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