Mat Kerekes – Luna & the Wild Blue Everything

I knew I loved you when you fell in love.
This shadow I’ve been under, I feel it empty me.

8. 26. 16

Mat Kerekes is the frontman of the band Citizen. I always find solo projects interesting. Questions flutter in my mind: Will this project sound anything like the band?  Will it be better/worse than the actual band’s material? A lot of the times, solo projects are an artistic outlet for a member of a band which does not stylistically fit with what the band is doing. This is true for Mat Kerekes. Citizen has done pop punk and experimental alternative rock. Mat’s debut, Luna & the Wild Blue Everything, is mostly acoustic and primarily moves at a slow pace. The record has it moments to vibe to like “Direction” and “My Lucky #3”, but mainly consists of a calm and soothing atmosphere for the listener like in “In Every Inch, In Every Mile” and “From None.”

I know Citizen’s debut was a pretty sick record. It’s true, many have been skeptical of their sophomore. Regardless of your thoughts on the band or their first two records, Mat Kerekes shows he doesn’t need the other members to make beautiful music with his memorable debut.

For Fans Of: Citizen, Anthony Green
Favorite Songs: First three.
Top 10 Potential: Yes.
Album Cover: 9/10

Mat Kerekes – The Clubs / The People’s Attention

Album Artwork:


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