James Vincent McMorrow – We Move

There’s a reason people move or people don’t.

9. 2. 16

This Friday is the last Friday for at least the next six weeks where I am not confident going into the day already having a good idea about what album I want to review. To say the least, I am excited for what’s ahead.

When it comes to this week, the record that initially stood out the most to me was James Vincent McMorrow’s new record We Move (got some language in it). James has always released records with slower songs. This is a big change for him where it is quite evident he is moving forward with his sound and style. The synths and electronic feel is a popular sound these days and McMorrow jumps on that bandwagon with some fun and creativity. I have only listened to it once straight through. Whether I will grow to love it or not, I am glad James is evolving.

P.S. – I know this was an awfully weak post, but I wrote it in 3 minutes. So give the record the chance it deserves from McMorrow’s resume compared to this review.

For Fans Of: Google “similar artists to James Vincent McMorrow”
Favorite Songs: Evil…mwahaha
Top 10 Potential: probs not but mabes #pumpkinspice
Album Cover: 7/10

Album Artwork: http://static1.squarespace.com/static/5745810237013b9d0a5feb99/57458814ab48de4c0a4592eb/577b8468e4fcb599ceb19c27/1467725581008/WeMovepackshot.png?format=1000w


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