Norma Jean – Polar Similar

I am just a sensory of what I’ve said and done.

9. 9. 16

There are a lot of things I want to say. I think some bullet points will help.

  • Most of you will not like Norma Jean or Polar Similar.
  • That’s ok.
  • I do not like metal like I used to.
  • But masterpiece’s have a way of defying the barriers we label as genres.
  • I wanted to review a softer record this week because I knew people would like it.
  • But this record was too dang spectacular not to showcase as the best of the week.
  • Meridional was the first Norma Jean record I ever listened to.
  • It was too heavy and way over my head at the time (now I like it a lot).
  • Wrongdoers took at least ten listens straight through for it to make any kind of sense in my head.
  • All I needed with Polar Similar was one listen to fall in love.
  • It hits so hard.
  • Probably the heaviest album I have ever liked.
  • These riffs, much wow.
  • Corey’s screams, such amaze.
  • doge-600
  • Yes, those are tagged rats on the album cover.
  • “II. People” scares the bejeebers out of me.
  • I am saving up for the vinyl.
  • Never mind, just bought it.


For Fans Of: ’68, The Chariot
Favorite Songs: I. The Planet, 1,000,000 Watts, Synthetic Sun, Reaction, A Thousand Years a Minute
Top 10 Potential: Yes.
Album Cover: 9/10

Norma Jean – 1,000,000 Watts

Album Artwork:



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