From Indian Lakes – Everything Feels Better Now

You were breaking up in the room next door to mine—I’m not asleep yet.
I could hear the screaming but you told us you were just fine—and go back to bed.

10. 14. 16

Let’s get the cat out of the bag—Joey Vannucchi is my favorite musician. He is not simply the frontman, but essentially the entirety of the band From Indian Lakes. I believe excluding their debut, Joey writes all the lyrics, and all the instrumental pieces. The band has always stuck out to me because of Joey’s songwriting.

I will not go into great detail on their discography, but promote each record in summary:
The Man With Wooden Legs: Raw, experimental, and full of potential.
Able Bodies: Still raw, but far more defined and refined. This record was aggressive, but also contained. It was the fulfilled potential From Indian Lakes showed in their debut.
Absent Sounds: Masterful songwriting. This album held the same passion and desire of Able Bodies, but attacked it in a more controlled manner.

And now—Everything Feels Better Now. When I looked at the calendar this year after I gathered all of the bands I estimated would release a record, this was the one at the top of my list. This is the record I anticipated above all the rest. This was the vinyl I pre-ordered before I heard any singles. This is the concert I bought tickets for the moment they went on sale. And now it’s all here.

Edit: I deleted the original main section of the review. Now I am writing over six months since the record has been released. It took a long time to grow on me. But Everything Feels Better Now is another masterpiece from From Indian Lakes in my book. Joey never lets me down.


For Fans Of: Copeland, Bombay Bicycle Club, HRVRD, Polyenso
Top 10 Potential: More like numero uno potential.
Album Cover: 10/10

From Indian Lakes – Everything Feels Better Now (Full Album Stream – Youtube)

Album Artwork:


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