Civilian – You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs

And in a strange way, it would be better if the morning didn’t come.

10. 21. 16

Bands/Artists decide what to place at the forefront of their music. Whether a certain instrument or the instruments as a whole, maybe the singer’s voice, specifically the lyrics. or a combination of the two. Although the newest signing of Tooth & Nail, Civilian, is a band which prides itself in its musics (and rightfully so), the lyrics stand at the foreground of their sophomore effort You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs (may contain explicit content).

YWBWPC is a not a comfortable record. Listen to “Michael” and you’ll know what I mean. The record asks questions which make the listener question their worldview. Questions of how do we use abuse privilege? How do we understand those we don’t love? Or, better put, we don’t understand those we don’t love. Most of the “Christian music” lovers are going to be put off by some of the language throughout the record. I personally struggle to figure out when it is appropriate and more importantly necessary to have swearing in music written by Christians; however, I refuse to miss the message of a song or an album simply because I am put off by one word. The message I found in YWBWPC is that no one can think of themself better than another. And I wonder if I truly lived that way, how my life would change.

Vocally, Alexander’s voice tells a story. Because of this, there is a bit of a lack of creative melodies at times, while at others like the opener “Skull”, Alexander is captivating. For the majority of the record, I find Alexander’s tone and posture effective as he delivers the lyrics.  Instrumentally, with one guitarist the music can feel a bit hollow at times, like there is space to fill with another guitar; despite this, I appreciate the band’s unwillingness to layer a bunch of extra guitar parts throughout. The band stays authentic to who they are, and the guitar work that is happening is without a doubt strong enough to help carry the record’s direction alongside the fantastic bass and drum work.

Overall, I am very pleased with this record. I am challenged by the lyrics and deeply intrigued by the medium which carries them.


Favorite Songs: Skulls, Patience, Michael, I Told You, The Real Thing / The Feeling, Judas
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 9.5/10

  Listen to “Skulls” – Civilian

Artist Artwork:


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