Foreign Fields – Take Cover

I guess I am afraid I won’t know what it means —
to reach into the sky and float off on the breeze.
I guess I’ll wait and see.

10. 28. 16

I discovered Foreign Fields a little over a month ago. I have no idea how, but I stumbled upon their most recent record (possibly debut) at that point, Anywhere But Where I Am, which was released in 2012. Something stuck out to me in the music. It was bright yet still ambient and refrained yet still powerful; however, I only listened to bits and pieces and somewhat forgot about the band and the record. Flash forward to this past Friday figuring out what album to review, again I forget how, I found out that Foreign Fields released another record. I had my ideas about what record I would possibly review up to this point, but I decided to get Foreign Fields a chance anyways. I was lying in my bed, ready to fall asleep, but Take Cover kept me up.

Take Cover feels at times like the bands Sleeping At Last and Radiohead had a baby. Piano is one of the most underutilized instruments in indie and alternative music. Thankfully, the instrument is everywhere on this record. Overall, the record is atmospheric and dark, while still bright at times like the songs “I”, “In Love Again”, and “Hope Inside the Fire”. I am impressed with the combination of different lyrical and instrumental directions while still maintaining a cohesive identity overall. This record surprised me, and I really do like it and find it stretching, emotional, and ambitious; however, sometimes I feel some of the songs are spacey for the sake of space and are not as intentional and piercing as they could be in those areas. But above all else, the thing I sensed most strongly is that the band worked very hard on this record and there are fruits of their labor as an evidence of that. Taste and see if you like it.

Favorite Songs: I Killed You in the Morning, Dry, I, Weeping Red Devil, Hope Inside the Fire
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 9.5/10

Album Artwork:


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