Wolves At the Gate – Types & Shadows

Eyes wide in this reverie but it’s all still dark as night.
I’m falling fast asleep.
Black tides of my misery coming down upon my sight.
I drown into the deep.

11. 4. 16

I wanted to start this review saying a couple things overall about my reviews this year.

  1. I get over excited about things—especially new things that I find. This is why I feel like a lot of my reviews have been given really high scores. It’s not because I simply love everything, but because I have a hard time trying to process objectively when I only have a couple days to listen to an album.
  2. Because of this, next year if I continue this, I want to review an album from the previous week. So for instance, if I choose to review Types & Shadows by Wolves At the Gate (what I am currently reviewing), I would review it next week rather than this week. That way I will have a little over a week to listen to the album rather than two or three days  so it can settle in before reviewing it. Some of these albums I only listen to once or twice before reviewing and first impressions can be misunderstood.

Basically, I want to give it a bullet point review because I like doing these once in a while.

  • Wolves At the Gate is a post-hardcore band signed by Solid State (the best post-hardcore/metal label out there in my opinion).
  • Their song “Heralds” was the first song I ever heard from them. Great song.
  • Ever since listening to “Heralds”, I have had high expectations for the band.
  • Unfortunately, I feel like they have fallen short mostly overall.
  • It’s not because they have under-achieved per say, I just think that have a ceiling which is a little lower than a lot of other bands in this genre.
  • This new record, Types & Shadows is pretty sweet.
  • It is smooth. Slightly poppy at times. But overall it is a really easy listen (in the scheme of heavy music).
  • This is validated by the fact that my fiancé likes them and she doesn’t listen to any other heavy bands.
  • One thing I’d like to highlight is there aren’t any annoying melodies which is a huge highlight for me because those are the types of things which can destroy a record like this.
  • I don’t think making guarantees is usually smart with music, but I am fairly confident these guys will never be one of my favorite bands in this genre.
  • Yet I still enjoy listening to them, especially as background music while working.

Favorite Songs: Anathema, Weary Ground, Hindsight, Grave Digger
Top 10 Potential: No
Album Cover: 9/10

Wolves At the Gate – Types & Shadows (Full Album Stream)

Album Artwork: http://cdn-images.deezer.com/images/cover/5ca9389a94f574db3bd0831ada68640e/1400×1400.jpg


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