From Indian Lakes – EFBN TAPES

12. 2. 16

In October I reviewed From Indian Lakes’ new full-length, Everything Feels Better Now. This new release, EFBN TAPES, is a collection of demo versions of the songs from the record. I thought it would be cool because a. The songs are awesome b. As an opportunity to rant and c. Because there weren’t any other albums released this week I really enjoyed.

Demos are like self-reflections. They are the opportunity to record at least the foundation of a song and help reveal whether that is something that can or cannot be worked with. Artists have the opportunity to change certain parts, add more instruments, or scrap the song altogether after recording the demo. In the same way, taking time to reflect on who we are currently and what we can be quite beneficial. We can look at how we treat others and take care of ourselves and figure out what needs to change and what we want to build upon. Most importantly, who we are is there in front of us.

We are all demos of what we will become. Beautiful in our own right, but still able to be changed into something better—scrapped only to be made new. It is important to ask if the demos are worth tracking to be made permanent. And even then, I am sure we could all improve a little more after that.

Buy EFBN TAPES on Bandcamp

Album Artwork:


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