Trip Lee – The Waiting Room

All the dollars in my wallet finna burst through.
More money, more problems to work through.
Something’s missing, that feeling’s starting to lurk too.
But I got it all so I don’t know what to pursue,
‘Cause I finally got paid.
12. 9. 16

I’ve never loved rap:

  • I didn’t grow up on it and it has always felt unfamiliar. Recently though, I have tried to take the context into consideration far more than I have done in the past. That has helped a lot when listening to this mixtape, Trip Lee’s The Waiting Room.
  • It has been difficult for me to find the balance between what rap is beneficial to listen to and what rap isn’t. The lines are gray for sure and I don’t want to start a conversation about this now, but this mixtape is definitely beneficial.
  • A lot of the new beats feel so oversaturated with bass and lack the flow that I find so sick with old school hip-hop. Holy crap there are some sick beats on this thing. “IDK”, “Still Unashamed”, and  “Money Up” are unreal.
  • So many rappers either try so hard they are cheesy or not enough that they are underwhelming. Trip Lee is just vibing on this thing. He knows when to be real and when to have fun. You can tell he felt free and loose while writing this mixtape.
  • Lastly, I feel like there are very few rap albums, and especially mixtapes, I have listened to which are dope front to back. The Waiting Room is.

I have been a Trip Lee fan for the past 10 years, yet I was sleeping on Him heading into this mixtape for sure. I thought his last record, Rise, was the best of his career, yet I still wasn’t ready for this. The Waiting Room is hitting me hard right now and I did my best to explain why, but I promise I am not doing it justice. Please listen to it for yourself so you can see what I mean.


Favorite Songs: IDK, Ready, Still Unashamed, Money Up, Billion Years
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 7/10

Trip Lee – Billion Years (feat. Taylor Hill)

Album Artwork:


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