Spill – Top Ten

12. 16. 16

I coach Middle School Basketball my team just had a game before Christmas vacation. It was so hard for them to focus before the game. I was getting frustrated, but I feel I can understand now near the very end of 2016. I have written one album review a week every week and have remained faithful from beginning to end. And now that the end is so close and in sight, I have lost my motivation to write these last couple reviews for albums that I probably won’t like that much. Of course, I am looking forward to the Top 10 Albums of the year blog.

Spill is a band that does alternative rock. They are not bad. I enjoy some of their verses and melodies; however, not much really stands out for me when I listen to them.

Obviously this does not even qualify as an effort, but one thing I need to work on is writing well-written reviews for albums I don’t like. Again, finding the motivation is tough.

Favorite Songs: Keep Coming, Turn Around
Top 10 Potential: No
Album Cover: 5/10

Album Artwork: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/files/2016/10/spill-top-ten.jpeg


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