Matthew and the Atlas – Temple (Unplugged)

12. 23. 16

Nobody is really releasing music at the end of the year because it gets lost in the holidays and won’t make anyone’s best records of the year lists. So I found a record that was released this past Friday in a new format from its previous release this year.

The original record was alright, but I like this one a lot better. I think the simplicity creates a better atmosphere and lets you soak up the record. Matthew is a storyteller with a tiny bit of a folk-bend and and carries somewhat of an older soul. But his voice is caught between not beautiful enough or firm and raspy enough which causes the music to be a bit forgettable.

If you do want to check out two records done like these, go listen to Cope and Hope by Manchester Orchestra. Both records by themselves are phenomenal, but their contrasting nature makes listening to each unique record a much more rewarding listen based on the different perspectives.


Album Cover:

Sorry I had to post the original album cover because the unplugged cover wouldn’t upload.


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