Acceptance – Colliding By Design

Acceptance released their debut record Phantoms in 2005. 2017 feels a little late for a sophomore release, doesn’t it? Phantoms was an impressively unique pop-punk release. I was in 5th grade at the time of the release and gravitated towards standout tracks like “Take Cover”, “Different”, and “So Contagious.” I was disappointed that the band dismembered and never made another record. And here we are—twelve years later. I discover the band reunited for a new record, that new record being Colliding By Design. 

With so much nostalgia existing in Phantoms, there was no way I was expecting Colliding By Design to be good at all. So many bands try and make comebacks, but most of those bands were bands for longer than one record and also don’t take twelve years to reunite. In my mind, there was no chance they would not be rusty or out of style. Not only that, but I don’t really like pop to begin with. And I headed into listening with this mindset—that the record was going to be a cliché and unnecessary attempt at resuscitation.

And the first few songs I heard, I maintained that opinion. I was so steadfast in what I wanted to believe. Fortunately as I began to listen more and more, I was proved wrong quickly. Colliding By Design is creative and catchy without being cliché. It is extremely difficult not to vibe or move to the majority of the tracks. I won’t get in depth about the record, outside of the fact that this record is well worth your time.

Essentially the lesson here is two-fold. Just because you leave something for a long time does not mean you cannot come back and straight up kill it. Secondly, don’t assume you know when you don’t. Give music a chance.

Favorite Songs: Colliding By Design, We Can Escape, Come Closer, Fire and Rain
Top 10 Potential: Maybe
Album Cover: 7/10
Listen: Acceptance – Diagram of a Simple Man



Album Artwork:



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