Hippo Campus – Landmark

Colony House recently released their sophomore record Only the Lonely earlier this year. I love Colony House’s debut When I Was Younger now although I did not initially. And when I realized I did not like Only the Lonely that much, I was hoping it would eventually grow on my like their debut did. And that is why I have been waiting to write a review for the record. Q: Why am I mentioning Colony House in the beginning of this review for Hippo Campus? A: Because Landmark is the record Only the Lonely should have been.

Hippo Campus is an indie-rock/indie-pop quartet from St. Paul, Minnesota and Landmark is truly a landmark debut release. It is a groovy record both fun and mature. Featuring bright and positive killers for warm summer afternoons are tracks like “Way It Goes”, “Vines”, and “Simple Season”. “Way It Goes” is a steady, radio friendly track with a simple, but catchy chorus.  “Vines” is more layered as well as complex with some cool falsettos. “Simple Season” is one of the strongest tracks on the record. It finds strength in its simplicity and brilliant song-writing. More introspective slower tracks include “Epitaph”, “Poems”, and “Monsoon”. “Epitath” uses interesting vocal affects without being too weird. The chorus ties everything together on this track. “Poems” has a slow build and is one of the more unique tracks on the record with its approach. This is one of the best songs vocally on the record. “Monsoon” might be my favorite track of all. Despite the speed, for me it packs the most passion and weight of any of the tracks on the record.

My recommendation: Listen to the record once now. If you dig it, bring it back out on when spring bloom transitions into summer and don’t look back.

Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 4/10


Album artwork: https://consequenceofsound.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/hc_landmark_album-art_final_digitial.jpg?quality=80&w=806&h=806


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