A Will Away – Here Again

A Will Away is a newer band on Triple Crown Records. There are two record labels out there for me that I always keep an eye out for: Triple Crown and RunForCover. These two labels find great musicians and seem to get the most out of them. So even when I listened to A Will Away’s lead single for this new record and felt let down, I knew to trust that there was a good reason why Triple Crown signed them. And I am glad I kept faith in the label.

A Will Away is more of a pop-punk band with a bit of alternative in them. Here Again is the band’s debut full-length. It is not groundbreaking, mind-blowing, or overly mature musically or lyrically. But it is exciting and smooth. Not every record needs to be life changing, some can just be light and fun. The only issue for me is that the band is not searching to be simple, but clearly seeking a sense of depth which I feel they miss the mark on sometimes.

A song like “Something Special” feels like its trying so hard to be cool and trendy in being upset and apathetic. Throw up your hands like everyone’s offensive /  Give up to God if that’s your cup of tea / Once everybody else around you / Is bitter just like me / Don’t let the poison that surrounds you / Stifle out the life you want to live / Please know it truly doesn’t matter / And truly never did. These lyrics are pretty clear what they are trying to communicate, but one more frustration I have is some of the lyrics try to be overly poetic. This is not extremely frequent but just enough to bother me.

I wish the band would write more songs like “Crochet.” I think it is both true to their sound, versatile, and extremely catchy. It brings a sense of maturity I feel the majority of the record is missing. You swear you’re not any good at all / Would you cover my back when I’m too scared to let go / Stitching ends to justify the means / So, cut my thread I’m unraveling.

Despite all the bad things I may have said about this record, I really do like a lot of it. It is fun to listen to and am excited to blast in on the road in the summer. Keep an eye out for Triple Crown bands. That label knows what it’s doing.

Favorite Songs: Here Again, Agoraphobia, Crochet, Better Reluctant
Top 10 Potential: No
Album Cover: 8/10


Album Artwork: http://s0.merchdirect.com/images/22132/1500x.jpg


One Comment Add yours

  1. Tedd Holbrook says:

    Love the sound of this album. Definitely one to blast with the windows down!


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