Sorority Noise – You’re Not As ____ As You Think

Not too long ago you called me on my phone
And I held back tears ’cause I was feeling so alone
I have to be stronger
Or at least much stronger than I’ve been
Like a Father or the Son, Holy Spirit, Amen

I have been waiting for a record like this for a long time. It’s a good feeling listening to this. But that good feeling I receive from being blessed by this record has come at a great cost, and that is something I do not want to take lightly. The vocalist and lyricist of Sorority Noise, Cameron Boucher, has “lost a basketball team to heaven” describing five of his friends who have all died in the last year. And Sorority Noise’s third full-length LP—You’re Not As ____ As You Think (may contain explicit lyrics)—deals with Cam’s feelings of guilt and perspective of God in the midst of pain and suffering.

I have said this before and I’ll most likely say it again. Records about death tend to strike a chord with me. I think the reason why is that these records tend to contain more vulnerability and honesty as well as insight into the writers own heart and mind. These records can be so specific, very personal, and extremely moving.

Despite Cam feeling understandably down at times, the majority of the record is bright and uplifting instrumentally. But there are moments on the record which are pulled back and more somber. Like on the track “Second Letter from Saint Julien” Cam sings somberly over a quiet guitar line, “You say there’s a God / And you say you’ve got proof / Well I’ve lost friends to heroin / So what’s your God trying to prove / You say He’s alive / His spirit flows through your veins / Well I guess my best friend / Was just trying to help the spirit escape.” There are large moments of doubt and frustration on the record. But there are also moments of hope and trust like in the end of this same song where Cam sings, “And if there’s a God / Do I make Him proud / Put a smile on her face / And if you’re with God / Am I making you proud / By waking up each day?

As Cam wrestles with God, this is a wonderful album to wrestle with. I may not agree with everything Cam says about God, but I think he asks some great questions and is seeking God honestly and vulnerably in a way I think I can learn a lot from. It sucks Cam has had to go through all he has gone through and it is awful that he has lost many of his closest friends. But Cam is persisting to do what he loves and what he believes God created him to do pressing forward with hope in life. I think in the midst of whatever suffering the future holds for me, that is something to be encouraged by and hold onto.

Favorite Songs: No Halo, First Letter from Saint Sean, Disappeared, Leave the Fan On
Top 10 Potential: No Doubt It’ll Be There In the End.
Album Cover: 9/10
Sorority Noise Bandcamp



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