Electric Guest – Plural

Album Cover of the year so far for me. That’s how I want this review to start. I love everything about the cover from color choices to simple design to imagery to even the font of the band name and record title.

Plural is Electric Guest’s sophomore record coming a whole five years after their debut, Mondo. I have not heard a lick of that record, so if anyone has listened to it before, I’d love to know what you think. Plural is a synth driven form of electric pop. The vocalist sounds a ton like the lead singers of both Cub Sport and HIGHS. The goal for Electric Guest to be more like HIGHS than Cub Sport.

Well let’s get out of the way the things I don’t like. Songs like “Glorious Warrior” and “Dear To Me” just bug me. It’s the style. It just bugs me, especially the vocals. There is nothing interesting going on. And that is Electronic Guest’s biggest weakness. Some of their music and sound is just too boring. Not necessarily because it’s slow, but more because it simply isn’t interesting.

However, songs like “Oh Devil”, “Back For Me”, and “My Omen” are quite the opposite. These are the kind of songs which grab your intention from the get-go and don’t let go. “Oh Devil” carries a fascinating hip hop beat with the the falsetto and the reggae chorus. “Back To Me” has a baseline that makes you move throughout the whole song. And “My Omen” bolsters itself with guest vocals and an irresistible, yet contained, groove.

There are a lot of things about Electronic Guest I really like. Unfortunately, I lack the patience to wade through this record on a consistent basis. But I will still take the few tracks I love with me and keep an eye out for the band in the future.


Album Artwork: http://68.media.tumblr.com/a91bf5b0b83157cc01378b141fb98f65/tumblr_ojoia9eUqS1qk53bbo1_1280.jpg


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