Gawvi – We Belong

Gawvi is a busy man. He works with many Reach Records artists as well as recently launching his solo career on Reach with two EP’s and his debut record We Belong. Gawvi is a beat specialist. Not to oversimplify the record, but there are two types of songs on here: songs that Gawvi sings in and songs that are filled by features.

For the ones that Gawvi either does most of or all of the singing, songs like “Rock n Roll”, “Like We Belong”, and “Show Me” are real standouts. “Rock n Roll” is a banger in from the start. Gawvi sings the chorus and ELHAE kills the verses. “Like We Belong” has the potential to be a big radio hit with catchy falsettos and relatable lyrics. “Show Me” is atmospheric and probably the most versatile track Gawvi carries solo.

For the tracks dominated by features, “God Speed (feat. Andy Mineo & KB)”, “Closer (feat. Robbie Lee & Julissa Leilani)”, and “Hold On (feat. Sydney Wilson)” are my favorites. “God Speed” is led by two power house rappers and dubstep chorus. “Closer” sounds like a combination of club and CCM music, but it works. “Hold On” is a worship song that is beautiful and arguably my favorite track on the record. And that is saying a lot because I usually am highly critical or worship songs. But Gawvi does a great job of creating an eerie and atmospheric vibe to this track.

I am usually a vocals guy, but with Gawvi the main emphasis should always be on the instrumentals as that is his speciality. Even the tracks that I like the least, the production is so crisp and the instruments are well layered. Gawvi is someone to continue to look out for not only in the projects of others, but his own as well.


Album Artwork – 7/10:



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