Jay Som – Everybody Works

My words turned into ash
They went nowhere
As if I’m barely there

I wish I was more eloquent and I also wish I had more time to try to be. But life is just not granting me that opportunity right now and Jay Som will have to suffer for it. Jay Som is the artist name of Melina Dutert who created the name on a baby name generator like Childish Gambino. I first heard about Jay Som while researching best albums of the year lists online in 2016. Jay Som’s debut record Turn Into wasn’t everywhere, but enough places for me to notice it. Unfortunately, I think I overlooked a gem. Fortunately, I was reminded early into 2017 to listen to Jay Som when her sophomore record Everybody Works was released.

Everybody Works is weird, captivating, personal, and beautiful. The record consists of many different kinds of dream-pop and lo-fi tracks: songs like the bright and catchy “The Bus Song”, the crowded and jarring “1 Billion Dogs”, and the simultaneously dark yet optimistic “(BedHead)”.

Overall I am most impressed how the songs in Everybody Works are all so diverse yet are flow fluidly together. That is one of the most difficult things to do in creating a record. Along with that, the production quality is phenomenal. It took a while for me to warm up to the sound, but Jay Som has released a record that I will be spinning frequently as her words travel a long way with me.

P.S. – For those who know my friend Evan Smith, the dude sounds exactly like him in the intro of “One More Time, Please”.

Favorite Songs: The Bus Song, Baybee, (BedHead), Everybody Works, For Light
Top 10 Potential: Yes
Album Cover: 8.5/10
Jay Som’s Bandcamp


Album Artwork: https://f4.bcbits.com/img/a3337164431_10.jpg


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