Colony House – Only the Lonely

The first post I made in 2017 was a Reflection of Colony House’s debut, When I Was Younger. The reason why was because I was highly anticipating their sophomore record, Only the LonelyWIWY took a long time to grow on me. I was hoping this new record wouldn’t take as long to sink in. But here I am, four months after the album has been released, finally now reviewing it. The unfortunate part is that it’s not because it grew on me, but because it didn’t.

WIWY was a smooth and pleasant plateau on higher ground. Only the Lonely is a journey through the mountains and valleys. There is a wide variety on the quality of songs on the record. And that lack of consistency is what makes an album listening unenjoyable to me. The good thing is that the mountains do outnumber the valleys and the spaces in between.

I like albums that are consistent. When I Was Younger was that. Only the Lonely isn’t. That doesn’t make it a bad album. Despite how negatively I am portraying it, this record has a lot of amazing songs. Unfortunately, it also has some real clunkers, and that’s a major put off for me.

Favorite Songs: You & I, You Know It, Follow Me Down
Top 10 Potential: No
Album Cover: 7.5/10


Album Artwork:


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