VACATIONS – Vibes & Days

Oh the beauty if Youtube. VACATIONS has a lot of the bedroom pop, surfing indie, Mac Demarco kinda vibe going on. I’ve been getting into music anywhere near the ballbark of this genre of music. Just like every genre, there’s some great stuff and some not great stuff. But even more than that, there’s just some straight up random stuff. Anyways, I stumbled across VACATIONS LP combination of EP’s Vibes & Days on Youtube today and I am pretty pumped.

The first six tracks are from Vibes and the last five from Days. There is a clear divide based upon sound quality as well as musical direction. Vibes has cleaner productionbut Days is cleaner instrumentally. The only track I don’t really on the record is “Moments”. Besides that, everything is pretty good jam.

Overall, I definitely prefer the Vibes half over Days. Regardless, this is just a fun album to listen to.

Album Artwork: 7/10 (cool fact, the cover is a combo of the EP covers)
Top 10 Potential: No


Get “Vibes & Days” for Free at VACATIONS Bandcamp

Or listen to it on Youtube Here


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