’68 – Two Parts Viper

When ’68 released In Humor and Sadness, I remember feeling overwhelmed. There was a lot going on for just two musicians (Josh Scogin—former frontman of the Chariot and Michael McClellan—former drummer from Becoming the Archetype). Though I did not get into the record initially, now looking back the track titles were creative and the instrumentation, vocals, and lyrics were just all on point. Though 2014 was full of amazing records, In Humor and Sadness was one of the best released albums that year.

Now three years later, ’68 is back at it again with Two Parts Viper. Regardless of your thoughts on the album, you can not criticize the band for their passion. They give it all they got on this album. And that is clear from the outset on the aggressive opener Eventually We All Win all the crescendo closer What More Can I Say.

Unfortunately for me, there is much less diversity on Two Parts Viper compared to its predecessor. There are also less catchy melodies and less jaw-dropping guitar riffs. Despite all of that, it is still a really good album in my book. I didn’t absolutely love In Humor and Sadness when it was first released, maybe this one has to grow on me a bit more as well.

Album Artwork: 8.5/10
Top 10 Potential: Sure



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