Lo Tom – Lo Tom

Again, let me be quick.

Anything David Bazan has his hands on, I’m listening to.

And that is the beauty of Lo Tom’s self-titled debut. Bazan is on lead vocals, and the band is playing rock songs again.

You can tell by the way this project has been talked about that this first record was essentially putting pen on paper. It wasn’t intensely examined or overworked, and that both cool and mouth-watering. The cool thing is that it creates this fun and relaxed vibe for the record because you can tell the guys were just having a blast making the music. And the mouth-watering aspect comes from realizing they didn’t give this their best shot, and it’s still pretty dang good. Imagine what will come when they put their best efforts into a record. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Lo Tom, and whatever else Bazan decides to pursue.

Album Artwork: 7.5/10
Top 10 Potential: Yes



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