Vagabon – Infinite Worlds

I kinda had very similar feelings about Pinegrove’s Cardinal when it came out last year. Let me rehash.

Pinegrove released a short record full length—8 songs—and I am usually hesitant with less-than-ten-track-records.

It was the first music I ever heard from Pinegrove.

And though there were many things that just didn’t click about the record for me, there was something so captivating about the band that I wanted to give them as much of a chance as I could to let them grow on me.

This is the same story with Vagabon’s Infinite Worlds.

And I cannot see the future of whether this record will grow on me like I hope it does. But what I can say is Pinegrove’s Cardinal is one of my top 10 favorite records from last year. And this is why I am loitering around Infinite Worlds.

Album Cover: 8.5/10
Top 10 Potential: Who knows?




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