Hundred Suns – The Prestaliis

Ever heard of Wovenwar? Basically after As I Lay Dying disbanded the dudes created a new band called Wovenwar and added Shane from Oh, Sleeper to do essentially only clean vocals for a new metal project. Hundred Suns is kinda like that but not really. Chris LeMasters from Dead and Divine, Ryan Leger from Every Time I Die, plus Cory Brandan from Norma Jean mainly doing all clean vocals on this new project. The main differences with the bands obviously come with the style of metal are completely different. And with the vocals, Shane is very clean and Cory is rough around the edges with a little bit of screaming mixed within tracks.

Both bands are awesome, and I recommend you give Wovenwar a listen, especially their self-titled debut; however, the reason I am writing is because Hundred Suns just released their debut—The Prestaliis—two Fridays ago. And it is awesome. I wasn’t a huge fan the first time through because some of Cory’s melodies were hard to rationalize with the music, but after a couple listens things just started to make sense and I began to understand the intentionality behind what Cory was doing vocally. This record has the perfect balance of tracks when it comes to heavier verses softer content.

The Prestaliis isn’t flawless. But overall the record is just so solid and I am wicked stoked for the future of this project.

Album Artwork: 8.5
Top 10 Potential: Yes



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