Manchester Orchestra – A Black Mile To The Surface

Let’s just say this album is undoubtedly my album of the year so far and it’s not even close.

A Black Mile To The Surface is tamed, dense, and heartfelt. Andy Hull seems to have created a cinematic-like masterpiece with this new record. And for me, a somewhat recent fan of Manchester Orchestra (really began with Cope and Hope) who has had such a long run and steady tenure over the past ten years, ABMTTS is the perfect record for to fall in love with the band. It is timely and self aware. It knows when to rise and when to sink. It is not loud for the sake of sound or quiet for the sake of silence. It is understanding of what the mood of the lyrics and ideas call for. It cries out about the difficulty and beauty of fatherhood. It commits to the persistence of love. And lastly despite it’s immediate impact, it grows within each listen.

Album Cover: 9.5/10
Top 10 Potential: Come on, duh





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