Wage War – Deadweight

2009 was a great year for metal music. I think a better way of saying that is I really liked metal music in the early stages of high-school. There are bands I still like from that time of my life that are still bands today like August Burns Red, Norma Jean, and Underoath. And there are also new bands like Silent Planet, Rival Choir, and Comrades that have reminded my of why I loved metal in the first place and have kindled that flame. But overall, I like currently metal a fraction of what I use to.

Wage War is a newer band on my horizon that I knew about but didn’t give much mind to until a friend recommended I give them a chance. And let me cut to the chase, on Deadweight Wage War does not break new ground, but they also do everything extremely well. They are a breakdown heavy band. I usually hate breakdown heavy bands because writing breakdowns can be an excuse to not write catchy riffs in my opinon. But the bands breakdowns are so good and so heavy. They have clean vocals in almost every track which do not stand out but are solid (especially in songs like “Witness”). And the screamer brings thick and clear vocals that get you pumped up. They are so consistent in everything they do. There isn’t really a single song I don’t like. If you like heavy music at all, I recommend you give them a chance.

Album Artwork: 9/10
Top 10 Potential: At this point, yes but I do doubt it will remain in contention.



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