Turnover – Good Nature

First single, “eh, I kinda like this. But it’s not Peripheral Vision.” Second singe, “eh, I kinda like this. But it’s not Peripheral Vision.” I’m sure you can guess what I thought after the third single was released. And could you blame me? Peripheral Vision is my favorite album of all time. Yes, I will repeat that.  Peripheral Vision is my favorite album of all time. So it makes sense one why I wouldn’t fall in love with Good Nature when it was a deviation from Peripheral Vision.

But sometimes you just got to let the past go. And that’s what I did. I no longer viewed GN through the lens of PV, but I viewed it as a separate piece of art with a different purpose to accomplish. And as I let go of my expectations for Good Nature to be Peripheral Vision Pt. 2, I began to absolutely love the album.

Good Nature is patient. It is happy. It is dreamy. And it is the perfect summer record. I love the way Austin writes lyrics. They are windows into his life where you know what he is talking about and can read in between the lines and fill in the blanks, but they are also ambiguous enough for everyone to get their own meaning. Clearly he has transitioned from feeling heart-broken and abandoned to full of love and committed on this record. And that lyrical approach is reflected with the bright guitar tones and shimmering chords throughout the record.

For me, Good Nature solidifies Turnover as one of my favorite bands ever. No, I don’t like it as much as Peripheral Vision, but I am so happy I gave this a chance. And sure, I might be a prisoner of the moment and grow to not like the record as much over time. I admit I am most likely bias when reviewing this, but it has been so fun to listen to this summer and I am so excited that my Turnover discography keeps growing.

Album Artwork: 6.5/10
Top 10 Potential: Yes



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