’68 – Two Parts Viper

When ’68 released In Humor and Sadness, I remember feeling overwhelmed. There was a lot going on for just two musicians (Josh Scogin—former frontman of the Chariot and Michael McClellan—former drummer from Becoming the Archetype). Though I did not get into the record initially, now looking back the track titles were creative and the instrumentation, vocals,…

Day Wave – The Days We Had

Day Wave’s EP Hard to Read is just so dang good. I don’t even care if you listen to this new album, just go back and listen to that EP (wow, what a great sell on getting you to read this review). Although I do not think The Days We Had is as good, it is far more accessible than the EP. It is also even more straightforward, which is difficult to imagine with how consistent the EP is. But that consistency can become boring and lack the dynamics that the EP had.

Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

Mac Demarco is the first singer to sound like Bob Dylan that I have liked. There’s just something about the way Dylan ends a lot of his notes that I do not have the tolerance for. Yet with Mac, it doesn’t bother me and I don’t know why.

David Bazan – Care

Blanco was my favorite record of 2016. It was the first record by David Bazan I ever listened to and one that took a long time to sink in and for me to love. But to date, it is one of my favorite records of all time. So when I heard that less than a year later, Bazan was coming out with another record, I was both enthralled and tentative, understanding the difficulty of topping Blanco.

Hippo Campus – Landmark

Hippo Campus is an indie-rock/indie-pop quartet from St. Paul, Minnesota and Landmark is truly a landmark debut release. It is a groovy record both fun and mature. Featuring bright and positive killers for warm summer afternoons are tracks like “Way It Goes”, “Vines”, and “Simple Season”.

Hearts Like Lions – If I Never Speak Again

I just finished my seminary application and I must have listened to this record ten times in doing so. The reason why I love Heart Lion Lions’ debut If I Never Speak Again is because it is so constant and consistent. The record carries a steady and mostly upbeat rhythm. There is not a single bad song on it. It is solid through and through.

Trip Lee – The Waiting Room

All the dollars in my wallet finna burst through. More money, more problems to work through. Something’s missing, that feeling’s starting to lurk too. But I got it all so I don’t know what to pursue, ‘Cause I finally got paid. 12. 9. 16 I’ve never loved rap: I didn’t grow up on it and…

You Blew It! – Abendrot

I swore that I’d be better this time, But I’m more circle than a line. 11. 11. 16 I think I’ve been finding more harmony it what’s unconventional. I know with music, sometimes I feel like I’ve heard everything I’ll ever like—like there are no new ways to find beauty. But then there are those…

Civilian – You Wouldn’t Believe What Privilege Costs

And in a strange way, it would be better if the morning didn’t come. 10. 21. 16 Bands/Artists decide what to place at the forefront of their music. Whether a certain instrument or the instruments as a whole, maybe the singer’s voice, specifically the lyrics. or a combination of the two. Although the newest signing…

Citizens & Saints – A Mirror Dimly

You give life that is worth the loss of mine. 9. 16. 16 Worship music is interesting. It is not only listen to on Sunday mornings, but also as a record to be listened outside of the context of church. When I compare most worship music side by side with the rest of what I listen to,…

Relient K – Air For Free

Wave goodbye as I outgrow the shadow of Peter Pan. It’s time to be a man. 7. 22. 16 This is the end of what I find to be a remarkable streak of nostalgia. My three favorite bands in elementary and middle school were Switchfoot, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Relient K. That happens to be the order…


When the day comes and the fire is out, I wanna know that I gave you all I had. When the day comes and the fire is out, I wanna know that I gave you my everything. 7. 15. 16 Ten years since their debut record, Daylight, NEEDTOBREATHE releases their sixth album, H A R D L O V…