From Indian Lakes – Absent Sounds

Did I take too long? Did I ask too much? I didn’t love you as much as I could and the silence is killing me now


Now, Now – Threads

Find a thread to pull and we can watch it unravel. But this is just the start. We’ll find out who we are.

Manchester Orchestra – Cope

The invention of the ship was the invention of the shipwreck. I tried to find out who I was by jumping off the deck.

Colony House – When I Was Younger

I am so excited for the new Colony House record Only the Lonely which comes out on January 13th. So I thought it would be fitting to reflect on Colony House’s debut record, When I Was Younger in anticipation of their sophomore effort. When I Was Younger explores the journey of growing to love wholeheartedly in the broken world and bodies we live in. This journey consists of mistakes, uncertainty, and struggle, but even more evidently persistence, progress, and hope. The approach I want to take with this reflection is to focus on both of the two major themes—struggle and hope.