Tiger’s Jaw – spin

At the beginning of the year I created a list of artists I knew were good in the indie rock punk scene, and projected to potentially release an album this year, but hadn’t gotten into yet. This list included bands like Title Fight, Superheaven, and The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die. The first record released on this list however is Tiger’s Jaw’s spin.

Hazel English – Just Give In / Never Going Home

Hazel English sounds like a female led Day Wave. I just found out today that Jackson Phillips of Day Wave helped collaborate her new EP Just Give In which is the first half of this new record Just Give In / Never Going Home. The album is a combination of these two EP’s. I have never heard of Hazel English until now though I have been a Day Wave fan for a little while now.

Mac DeMarco – This Old Dog

Mac Demarco is the first singer to sound like Bob Dylan that I have liked. There’s just something about the way Dylan ends a lot of his notes that I do not have the tolerance for. Yet with Mac, it doesn’t bother me and I don’t know why.

Sylvan Esso – What Now

What first drew me to twenty one pilots when Vessel came out was they had a pop sound which was ultra-unique. They were not cookie cutter, yet they were infectious. Tyler was so clear about his intentionality of not fitting in with the sound of the radio. Despite their recent success and enormous radio attention, twenty one pilots still makes their own path for the most part. Sylvan Esso, another duo, seem to be taking a similar approach on What Now (which may contain explicit lyrics).

The Classic Crime – How to Be Human

The Classic Crime is one of those bands I liked in Middle School. Thinking back on music from that long ago makes me wonder how much of my current infatuation for their music is nostalgia and how much of it is real. All in all, with TCC and most other bands like them, I have moved on from listening to a lot of their music (however records like The Silver Cord still stand the test of time). Yet when they come to release a new record, I hold onto hope that they might release something that made me as excited as when I was younger.

Colony House – Only the Lonely

The first post I made in 2017 was a Reflection of Colony House’s debut, When I Was Younger. The reason why was because I was highly anticipating their sophomore record, Only the Lonely. WIWY took a long time to grow on me. I was hoping this new record wouldn’t take as long to sink in. But here I am, four month after the album has been released, finally now reviewing it. The unfortunate part is that it’s not because it grew on me, but because it didn’t.

Jay Som – Everybody Works

I wish I was more eloquent and I wish I had more time to try to be. But life is just not granting me that opportunity right now and Jay Som will have to suffer for it. Jay Som is the artist name of Melina Dutert who created the name on a baby name generator like Childish Gambino. I first heard about Jay Som while researching best albums of the year lists online in 2016. Jay Som’s debut record Turn Into wasn’t everywhere, but enough places for me to notice it. Unfortunately, I think I overlooked a gem. Fortunately, I was reminded early into 2017 to listen to Jay Som when her sophomore record Everybody Works was released.

Gawvi – We Belong

Gawvi is a busy man. He works with many Reach Records artists as well as recently launching his solo career on Reach with two EP’s and his debut record We Belong. Gawvi is a beat specialist. Not to oversimplify the record, but there are two types of songs on here: songs that Gawvi sings in and songs that are filled by features.

Electric Guest – Plural

Album Cover of the year so far for me. That’s how I want this review to start. I love everything about the cover from color choices to simple design to imagery to even the font of the band name and record title.

The Collection – Listen To The River

I don’t know exactly what is cliché. I usually think I do. And in those moments, if I’ve heard it before, that means it’s cliché. But I believe that nothing is completely organic or original. Yes there is nature in us, but we are also defined by what has nurtured us. Yet what I do when I hear something that does not sound different, I label it as not creative. I think this completely overlooks the uniqueness of each band and album. I also think it dismisses the immense amount of effort and skill goes into creating good music. Nothing is exactly the same, musically or lyrically. I need to stop condemning only small deviations as fatal flaws.

Sorority Noise – You’re Not As ____ As You Think

I have been waiting for a record like this for a long time. It’s a good feeling listening to this. But that good feeling I receive from being blessed by this record has come at a great cost, and that is something I do not want to take lightly.

A Will Away – Here Again

A Will Away is a newer band on Triple Crown Records. There are two record labels out there for me that I always keep an eye out for: Triple Crown and RunForCover. These two labels find great musicians and seem to get the most out of them. So even when I listened to A Will Away’s lead single for this new record and felt let down, I knew to trust that there was a good reason why Triple Crown signed them. And I am glad I kept faith in the label.